Oral B Clic Toothbrush Starter Kit 1 Pack

Sale price$39.95 AUD


Oral-B Clic is a revolutionary manual toothbrush that combines modern design with leading dental expertise to elevate your brushing experience. The replaceable brush head enables reduced plastic use.


• Next Gen criss-cross bristles feature x-filament technology, providing an exceptional cleaning experience
• Oral-B Clic features a replaceable brushhead so that it uses up to 60% less plastic over two years. Uses 60% less plastic over two years vs. regular manual toothbrush changed every 3 months as per dentist recommendation
• The sleek magnetic holder is perfectly designed for your bathroom wall for hygienic storage of your brush
• The handle is beautifully designed and durable, made out of a unique composite material, largely based on natural minerals and perfectly balanced for a comfortable hold.
• A revolutionary manual toothbrush

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