Oral B Power Toothbrush Charcoal Refills 4 Pack

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perGeneral Information

Oral-B Charcoal replacement brush head gives you whiter teeth in 2 weeks*

The Oral-B Charcoal replacement brush head has charcoal infused cup shaped bristles that reach deep between teeth and cover more surface, leaving your whole mouth cleaner than a regular manual toothbrush.

*by removing surface stains

Size: 4 Pack


• Iconic round brush head designed to clean tooth by tooth
• Charcoal infused bristles to help remove stains
• Cleans deeper than a regular manual toothbrush
• Soft bristles designed to be gentle on gums
• Compatible with the entire lineup of Oral-B rechargeable electric toothbrush handles, except for Oral-B iO and Clic toothbrushes


Do not use on children under age 3


Replace brush (head) every 3 months or sooner if brush head becomes worn. Brush your teeth at least twice a day

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