Egg Tandem Strollers Seat - Regal Navy

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This egg Tandem adaptor converts your egg stroller to a tandem pushchair. Suitable for twins or toddler and baby siblings, a set of ‘S’ shaped seat adaptors convert the egg stroller into a tandem pushchair, by providing 2 sockets for 2 seats.

  • Brand: Egg
  • Colour: Regal Navy
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Product Dimensions:     W 45 x D 30 x L 90 cm (Packaged: L 82.5 x W 46 x D 23.5 cm)
  • Product Weight: 3.5kg (Packaged: 5.7kg)

Care Instructions:

  • Regularly check screws, rivets, bolts and fastenings to ensure they are locked tight and secure. Replace any parts in an inferior condition. When using this product during the winter, by the sea or off-road it is important to clean using clean fresh water and dry thoroughly. Salt water and salt and grit from the roads will corrode metal parts unless removed
  • Check on a regular basis that all chassis locking devices are working correctly
  • Do not expose the product to excessive sunlight for extended periods of time, even normal exposure to sunlight may cause change to the colour of the fabrics
  • Take care not to tear fabrics when transporting the product
  • Light oil or silicone spray can be used to lubricate moving parts. Use petroleum jelly to lubricate the front axle stubs. Periodically remove the front swivel wheel units to clean and lubricate using petroleum jelly
  • Ensure zips are either fully open or closed to prevent damage
  • Do not place items on top of the hood/canopy, it could damage the fabrics or render the product unsafe
  • Any load attached to the handle and/or on the back of the backrest and/or on the sides of the vehicle will affect the stability of the vehicle. Do not hang any load from the handle or chassis when using as a tandem vehicle
  • Tyres can leave marks on some surfaces such as vinyl flooring and carpet
  • Fabrics should be cleaned in accordance to the care labels
  • Do not place fabrics in a washing machine, hand wash or sponge clean only using a mild detergent and warm water (30°C)

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