L'OR Espresso Ultimo Capsules 100 Pack Compatible with Nespresso Machines - Intensity 13

Sale price$109.95 AUD


L'OR Espresso Ultimo gives you a full-bodied experience at first sip, followed by a long and intense aftertaste with roasted coffee and chocolate notes. L'OR Coffee Artists have blended high-quality Arabica beans to deliver an intense and pronounced dark roast espresso. A lively taste and flavour bouquet that reveals complex roasted and dark cocoa notes. Be captivated by the smoothest side of Intensity 13 with L'OR Espresso Ultimo.

  • With roasted coffee and chocolate notes
  • Enjoy a full-bodied experience at first sip
  • Perfect for enjoying with friends, family and colleague
  • Perfect at any time of the day
  • Gives you the buzz to start each day right

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