Oral B Power Toothbrush Vitality Extra Sensitive

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General Information

Oral-B Vitality Extra Sensitive Clean is clinically proven to clean better than an ordinary manual tootbrush while gentle on your gums.

Size: 1 CT


• Advanced cleaning technology: Oral-B Extra Sensitive Clean Brush Head cleans hard to reach areas and is gentle on your gums
• UltraThin 0.01mm bristles for a superior clean and gum protection vs a regular manual toothbrush
• 2 Minute Timer: Helps you brush the dentist recommended 2 minutes
• 2D Action: High speed oscillating and rotating motion
• Long lasting rechargeable battery
• Color changing indicator bristles fades from green to yellow as a sign to replace brush head
• Now made with up to 95% less plastic*!
*In packaging


Do not use on children under age 3

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